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It’s that time of year, my friends—school is right around the corner! Are your kids ready? Let’s dive into the key points we discuss with parents here at Urgent Kidz Care in Savannah, Georgia. Besides urgent care pediatrics, our mission is to ensure your child is healthy and fully prepared for the upcoming school year. With just a few weeks left, let’s run through the checklist together.

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School Check-ups:

Has your child had their annual check-up yet? Here at UKC, we’re renowned for Urgent Kidz Care in Savannah. Our urgent care pediatrics is second to none. However, I want you to know that we boast the best pediatricians in town, whether your child needs urgent medical attention or not. This is the perfect time for a thorough physical exam to ensure your little one is ready and in good health after a long summer break.

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Shots – Immunizations/Inoculations:

Are your child’s immunizations up to date for the coming year? If not, fret not! We can take care of that one quickly. Bring your child to UKC, and our team will administer the necessary shots, allowing your kids ample time to recover before the school year begins. Make sure to consult your school regarding the required inoculations before your child can kick off the academic journey.

During our check-up, we’ll keep a close eye out for possible vision or hearing problems. It’s essential to determine any troubles your child may face in concentration before it affects their studies.

Did your child experience an injury over the summer break or while away at camp? Since our urgent care pediatricians treat injuries all year round, they’re well-versed in what to do.  If so, we can monitor that injury and ensure it’s healing properly. Is your young athlete still on the road to recovery from a sports-related injury? Our pediatric sports medicine specialists here at UKC are ready to lend a helping hand. And hey, we’re more than happy to provide a second opinion too.


Allergy Testing:

Are you curious to test your child for allergies? Rest assured, we conduct comprehensive screenings right here at UKC. Let’s find out if there have been any changes in their body’s reactions before something bad happens. An unexpected allergy can turn into a life-threatening surprise very quickly. Here’s a way we can reduce the need for urgent care pediatrics! Get ahead of the curve.

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Non-Urgent Care Pediatrics at Urgent Kidz Care

We can also guide you in ensuring your child is mentally and emotionally prepared to be surrounded by lots of people once again. Sometimes, summer can be a somewhat isolating period for children, and now is the perfect opportunity to discuss how they’re doing. Are they ready to be among a crowd of kids again? Are they prepared to navigate through the clamor and pay attention to their teachers, getting the most out of their classes?

Our exceptional pediatricians can provide you with valuable insights on how to communicate effectively with your children. In urgent care pediatrics, we have to know how to talk to kids. It’s just part of Urgent Kidz Care. We need to know how to get the information we need from them while making them feel safe and at ease. We want you to recognize signs of stress so that you can assist your child in adapting and addressing challenges in a healthy manner. We’ll also guide you to foster healthy communication with your child. As they grow older, communicating with kids can pose challenges, but this is precisely what we specialize in. You can rely on UKC.

After a long break, is your child truly ready to adhere to a strict schedule once again? Are they prepared to set their alarms on weekdays, waking up with energy for the school day ahead? Do they know how to cope if they start feeling drowsy in class? We can offer guidance on how to help your child establish a healthy sleep schedule, even amidst the stress of homework and studying. Adequate exercise is a key component of healthy sleep for everyone, especially children.

Is your child ready for the bus pick-up? If you’re driving them to school, is the car seat properly set up? As urgent care pediatricians, we’ve seen what happens when it’s not. If your child is biking to school or going independently, do they know how to handle potential threats or problems? Do they know the safest route? Do you know the safest route? Are they aware of how to stay away from reckless drivers and ensure their safety near busy roadways? We are here to help, friends. We are here to help them.

Let’s quickly recap and run through these points with your child, encouraging them to start thinking about these important aspects independently:

School Physical at Urgent Kidz Care: (Free on grand opening day!)


Mental School Preparation for Kids


Transportation Safety


Remember, UKC is here for you! We excel in providing urgent care pediatrics – that is, Urgent Kidz Care, but we’re also here to support you in properly caring for your child throughout the year.

See you soon at Urgent Kidz Care, your provider of healing and smiles!

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