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Mon- Fri 9a-8p (closed 1230-130p)
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Who We Are

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A Caring Smile Can Make all the Difference

Our Caring Staff : Our Savannah Pediatricians

Urgent Care Pediatrics in Savannah, Georgia

A Caring Pediatrician’s Smile Can Make all the Difference to Your Kid

Whether you have an emergency, you’re getting your kid ready for school, or your student athlete is preparing for the youth sports season, the right Savannah pediatricians make all the difference.

Our urgent care pediatric specialists are ready to help your child no matter your situation. You need to feel trust for your child’s doctor as much as your kids do. Your child needs to feel comfortable and at ease talking things over with their doctor so they can be open and honest. Our urgent kids care staff is trained for your kid.

Our Savannah pediatricians are the best in the business, and they love working with kids. They see their job as ensuring your child the brightest future possible.

Urgent Kidz Care - urgent care pediatrics in Savannah, GA - UKC staff

  • Our urgent care pediatricians are ready to go when you are. We have long opening hours to ensure you and your child the care you need when you need it.
  • Our Savannah pediatricians are here for your kids to ensure they have the best school year they can have. Bring your kid here for their school physical, check-up, or vaccinations. Our environment and our staff are the best at making your kid comfortable for all kinds of medical care.
  • Our pediatric sports medicine doctors are the best there is in Savannah. We want your child to succeed in their passion and have a long successful career. We’ll make sure they’re taking care of themselves properly for the long haul.

Savannah Pediatricians Ready to Serve: Urgent Care Pediatrics

When your injury is life-threatening, go to an emergency room. For everything else, come to Urgent Kidz Care. If you’re not sure, we have a list you can review to get an idea of what might be too urgent for Urgent Kidz Care. Give us a call to check wait times, and then get your kid and come on in! Our courteous and professional staff will help you and your kid calm down. Our kid-friendly waiting room will put your child at ease until the doctor can see your kid. Our urgent care pediatric physicians see everything, every day. Don’t hesitate. Bring your kid to us and you’ll soon see that they’re excited to come see their favorite doctor.


UKC Helps You Get Ready for School

As you prepare for the school year, make sure your kid is ready to face it head-on! Bring your kid to Urgent Kidz Care. Our doctors and staff deal with students daily. We know what vaccines they need and everything else your child needs to be ready for the school year. Our pediatricians know the schools and all their requirements.  Our professional pediatric staff is ready to help you and your kid prepare for the school year.

Learn more about UKC Pediatric School Check-Ups


UKC is Pediatric Sports Medicine for Savannah

When coach wants your kid to suit up, we’ll make sure they’re ready. Bring your kid to Urgent Kids Care for their sports physical and immunizations. Our sports pediatricians want your child to have a long and successful career in their chosen path. When injuries happen, we’ll make sure they heal up right.

Learn more about UKC Youth Sports Physicals

No matter what your medical care needs are, our pediatric staff are here to make your child feel comfortable. Your children are what our pediatricians and professional staff live for.  It’s our job to help you help them prepare for everything they face. The more we get to know your kid, the better a job we can do. Get to know us early, and help us make a lasting and positive relationship with your kid at Urgent Kidz Care. Our offices and our doctors are here to make your kid feel comfortable and ready for what lies ahead.


Who Works at UKC?

Learn more about each member of our professional Savannah pediatric staff:

Dr. Yael Elfassy

Medical Director at Urgent Kidz Care – a Savannah Pediatrician
Xavier University School of Medicine
8 Years as Pediatric Primary Care Physician
Newborn to teenager
Learn more about UKC’s Dr. Yael Elfassy

Dr. Mario Miglietta, US Army Veteran

Chief Pediatric Urgent Care Practitioner at Urgent Kidz Care – a Savannah Pediatrician
Pre-Med Rutgers, New York Institute of Technology Medical School
9/11, “Miracle on the Hudson” First Responder
All ages
Learn more about UKC’s Dr. Mario Miglietta


Micaiah Mitchell, FNP-C / P.A.

Urgent Care Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and Physician’s Assistant at Urgent Kidz Care – a Savannah Pediatrician
All ages
Learn more about UKC’s Nurse Micaiah Mitchell


J Craig Gordon

Owner, Urgent Kidz Care – a Savannah Urgent Care Pediatric Clinic
Learn more about UKC’s Owner, J Craig Gordon


Josh Mallard

Co-Owner, Urgent Kidz Care – a Savannah Urgent Care Pediatric Clinic
Learn more about UKC’s Co-owner, Josh Mallard

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