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Well hello there again from UKC. We’re carrying on celebrating Black History this month, and guess else what this week is? It’s Valentine’s Day.

That day means different things to different people, but we’ve decided to celebrate it this year with the theme of love and togetherness. Let’s celebrate the love we have for our families, and let’s honor the love we get and we give to our beautiful local community of Savannah!

Aberjhani: A Savannah Local Making History with Love Every Day

As we dive into February, there’s no better time to talk about love, community, and the incredible contributions of African American trailblazers.

Now, gather ’round, because I want to shine a spotlight on someone special: Savannah’s very own poet – Aberjhani. He’s a force to be reckoned with and a wordsmith extraordinaire, spinning tales and poetry that’ll make your heart sing.

Some of Aberjhani’s thoughts about love from Gratitudes of a Dozen Roses:

“This rose of pearl-coated infinity transforms
the diseased slums of a broken heart
into a palace made of psalms and gold.”

But here’s the thing about Aberjhani – he’s all about spreading love and unity through his words. His poetry isn’t just about flowers and candy hearts; it’s about celebrating the richness of the human experience and the power of togetherness.

You see, he understands the importance of community. He studied the human condition vigorously during his academic career. Then served in the United States Air Force, so he understands the fundamentals and importance of teamwork. He knows that when we come together, we’re stronger than ever before. Whether it’s through his poetry, essays, or historical works, Aberjhani reminds us that love knows no bounds – it transcends race, gender, and background.

So as we celebrate Black History Month and Valentine’s Day, let’s take a page out of Aberjhani’s book. Let’s spread love, unity, and understanding wherever we go. Because when we do, we honor not just Aberjhani, but the countless African American pioneers who made humanity even better and paved the way for everyone.

So here’s to Aberjhani, to love, and to the power of community!

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