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Mon- Fri 9a-8p (closed 1230-130p)
Sat- Sun 9a-4p (closed 1230-130p)

Better Safe Than Sorry

Covid testing is a part of everyday life for kids

COVID Testing

If there’s any doubt, come in to get tested.

Coughs, Fevers, Severe Colds, Strep Throat, Mono, UTIs, Flu Bugs, Vomiting, Bronchiolitis, Diarrhea, Dehydration treated at Urgent Kidz Care in Savannah Georgia

UKC is here to help stop the spread of illness to your kids and family. This includes both COVID-19 and influenza, including its most dangerous strains. Bring your kid to Urgent Kidz Care to get a COVID test. We handle every kind of COVID test for all your school or student athlete sports requirements.


No matter how you feel about COVID-19, the vaccine, or COVID testing, dealing with it has become part of all our lives. Our urgent care pediatricians are trained to treat COVID in children, and they know how to help. There are medical requirements for working with it to ensure it doesn’t spread and sicken children or people vulnerable to the virus. We’re here to help. Bring whatever forms you need and we’ll help you fill them out as we run the required COVID tests for your children. If you or your child test positive for COVID-19, we’ll tell you how to handle any symptoms and prevent further spread. Urgent Kidz Care in Savannah is a clean, safe, secure COVID-19 testing and treatment center designed especially with kids in mind. We sanitize and disinfect constantly.


UKC works with all local Savannah schools and sports teams to help with COVID and testing for other illnesses. Our goal is to help prevent the spread of sickness so kids can stay in school or stay healthy to have fun being a kid. And if and when your kid gets COVID-19, our licensed urgent care pediatricians make sure they recover as quickly as possible.


And if you or your kid need the COVID vaccine, UKC can help with that, too.

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