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Overall Health Starts
with Oral Health

Flouride Treatment For Kids

Flouride Testing and Flouride Treatment

Keeping your kids teeth healthy

Coughs, Fevers, Severe Colds, Strep Throat, Mono, UTIs, Flu Bugs, Vomiting, Bronchiolitis, Diarrhea, Dehydration treated at Urgent Kidz Care in Savannah Georgia

Kids need fluoride for their teeth, and our drinking water may not have enough. Urgent Kidz Care can help your child get the fluoride they need.


As kids grow up, they need to have strong, healthy teeth for eating and digesting food properly. If you’re not sure your kid is getting the fluoride they need for their best health, bring them to UKC. Our urgent care pediatricians can help. We’ll find out if your child’s mouth and teeth are developing properly. Once we know, we’ll lay out your options to ensure your kid is getting the fluoride they need to grow up safe and healthy.

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5525 Abercorn Street

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