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Scoliosis Screening

Scoliosis Screening and Treatment

in Savannah at Urgent Kidz Care-
Kids Medical Conditions Treatable at UKC

Coughs, Fevers, Severe Colds, Strep Throat, Mono, UTIs, Flu Bugs, Vomiting, Bronchiolitis, Diarrhea, Dehydration treated at Urgent Kidz Care in Savannah Georgia

Scoliosis screenings are really important in young children. Our UKC pediatricians often see scoliosis start to show up in babies (infants) and small children. It’s best to detect scoliosis early, so bring your kids into Urgent Kidz Care for a scoliosis screening. If you’re at all concerned, we’ll see you here at UKC for your child’s scoliosis screening.

Scoliosis in young children can be indicative of more serious problems. It can also be the cause of significant problems. UKC and our pediatricians work with local schools to help with scoliosis screenings, so we know what we’re doing. Our urgent care pediatric staff knows what to look for and which treatments to prescribe. We want your kid healthy, happy, and having fun. So if your kid hasn’t had a scoliosis screening in a while, bring them here, our pediatricians at Urgent Kidz Care will check them out.

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