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Sports Injury Treatment

Sports Injury Treatment and Pain Management

for Student Athletes and Kids at Urgent Kidz Care in Savannah, Georgia-
Sports Injuries, Pain Management and Medical Treatment for Kids at UKC

Kids' Sports Injuries treated at Urgent Kidz Care in Savannah, Georgia

We do a lot of things well at UKC – our urgent care pediatricians and sports doctors trained and studied hard to feel confident saying that. But there’s little we do better than treating sports injuries for student athletes and kids. We not only treat the injury, we put the young person back on track to being a successful athlete with a long healthy future. Our urgent care sports pediatricians are here to be a part of every student athlete’s long, successful journey.

Whether your young athlete or kid got a nasty sprain, muscle strain, or concussion, bring them to UKC. We’ll check it out. We’ve been working on ankle sprains, finger jams, dislocated joints, muscle tears and pulls, and concussion protocols for years. The key is not only treating the injury in front of you, but educating the athlete and their parents on long-term care. This includes regular thorough check-ups at UKC to ensure proper healing. Urgent Kidz Care works with schools and teams all over Savannah. Our job is to make sure our athletes – our children – are getting the best care possible, for the brightest future possible.


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