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5525 Abercorn Street, Suite 25
Savannah, GA 31405

Mon- Fri 9a-8p (closed 1230-130p)
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Mon- Fri 9a-8p 
Sat- Sun 9a-4p 
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Mon- Fri 9a-8p (closed 1230-130p)
Sat- Sun 9a-4p (closed 1230-130p)

Urgent Kidz Care is your place to come for urgent care pediatrics near you in Savannah, Georgia. When you’re asking yourself, “where is pediatric urgent care near me?” in Savannah, Georgia, don’t be caught off guard. Be ready with your directions to UKC.

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Call UKC: 912-226-7707

Urgent Kidz Care
5525 Abercorn St. Suite 25
Savannah Georgia, 31405

Our Urgent Care Pediatricians and Staff are there here to calm your child and help you feel more in control. We treat all kinds of urgent medical needs here at UKC between Abercorn and White Bluff just South of Derenne, in the heart of Savannah.

Let us introduce you to some of our incredible pediatricians. They’re so great, and they’re here just for you!

Need to find Pediatric Urgent Care Near Me in Savannah, Georgia?

In alphabetical order:

Dr. Samira Brown
Dr. Brown is a little bit famous! With her Harvard Medical education and passion for making children better, there’s nobody we want helping you more (except one of our other exceptional pediatricians.) Get to know about urgent care pediatrician Dr. Brown

Dr. Yael Elfassy
Dr. Elfassy (or as she calls herself, Dr. Yael) is well-known, especially around Coastal Georgia, too! You might have seen her on TV or in magazines, she’s a great resource for the parents of Savannah. Learn more about urgent care pediatrician Dr. Elfassy

Dr. Mario Miglietta
Dr. Miglietta has seen it all! From serving his country all over the world to treating victims on 9/11, Dr. Miglietta is a tough pediatrician to shake! Always cool under pressure, we’re so blessed to have the calm guiding hand of Dr. Miglietta here in Savannah for our community’s parents. Learn more about urgent care pediatrician Dr. Miglietta

Our PA’s and support staff are fantastic, too!

All our staff here at Urgent Kidz Care is here to help your child get better quick.

A quick reminder: for life-threatening emergencies, including fevers in infants under two months old or concussions where kids have lost consciousness, please go straight to an emergency room. For all other urgent pediatric medical care for kids, come see us at UKC!


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