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Mon- Fri 10a-9p (closed 1-2p)
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Your Useful Guide to Common Kidz’ Baseball Injuries

Hello there, parentz of Savannah! UKC is here again today to be your friendly guide to little league baseball injuries and prevention. We’re here to talk about something crucial in all youth sports — ensuring the safety of our baseball players. Understanding Little League Baseball Injuries Now, when it comes to the game, we can’t […]

4 Steps for Approaching the New Year with Kidz

Hey there, folks. As we gear up to bid adieu to the past year and welcome the new year, I’m reminded of the importance of reflection, gratitude, and setting our sights on the adventures that lie ahead. So, grab a seat, gather ’round, and let’s dive into how we can make this transition as smooth […]

6 Thoughts: Body Positivity for Healthy Young Men & Athletes

Well hello again! Today, UKC is diving into something that hits close to home for parents of boys, young men, and athletes – both young men and young women. In a previous blog, we talked about body positivity looking at all kidz, but after reviewing we decided it would be a good idea to tackle […]

Appreciating Presents: Teaching Kidz How to Get & Give Gifts

Children and parents, come gather ’round! Today, we’re talking about a topic near and dear to the heart—the art of giving and receiving gifts. It’s not just about presents; it’s about the generosity and the beauty of sharing joy with others. Understanding the Value of Giving Gifts: The Joy of Giving Now, parents, it is […]

Teaching Eating in Moderation – Urgent Kidz Care, Savannah

The Holidays are coming! And no matter what holiday you celebrate, it’s a good time to dive into the fine art of eating in moderation with your kidz. No time during the year is harder on people who enjoy food. Do you enjoy food? I enjoy food. I think I speak for all of UKC […]

Teaching Understanding: Kidz and Older People – Urgent Kidz Care, Savannah

We’re back. We’d like to talk to you about the blessing that is older people in kidz’ lives.   If your kidz are lucky enough to have grandparents, they have a fantastic learning opportunity. And if they are not lucky enough or don’t, it’s so important for development you might see if you can help […]

How to Halloween Candy Plan – Urgent Kidz Care, Savannah

Hello fellow parents! We want you to know that Urgent Kidz Care here in Savannah has got your back. Dealing with Halloween Candy and all the excitement around it can be tough. But we have some ideas to keep your kidz healthy, and your relationships with them, too. Prepare a Halloween Candy Plan with Your […]

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