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Mon- Fri 9a-8p (closed 1230-130p)
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Injury Check-Ups at Urgent Kidz Care: What Parents Need to Know about UKC Pediatric Urgent Care

Well hello again! It seems your little one took a spill trying hard in the game and came away with some kind of youth sports injury, huh? Accidents happen, especially with our active kiddos, and when they do, it’s good to know where to go for some quick and expert TLC. At UKC, we try to be like the superheroes of pediatrics. Come here so we can swoop in to save the day for those non-life-threatening injuries.

Let’s dive into what you need to know about injury check-ups at Urgent Kidz Care, your place in Savannah for pediatric urgent care.

Immediate Evaluation and Treatment of Fresh Injuries

First things first, our place is all about quick action. Your child’s injury will get an immediate look-see, and they’ll start the treatment process faster than you can say “ouch.” Whether it’s a sprained ankle from soccer practice, a twisted knee from gymnastics, or a minor fracture from a bike ride gone awry, our professional urgent care pediatric medical staff is ready to assess and treat, making sure your kiddo is back to their energetic self in no time.

Specialized Pediatric Urgent Care

Now, we don’t have any run-of-the-mill urgent care center. Oh no… no this place is made specifically for kidz! Our center is friendly and welcoming for kids of all ages. It’s designed to not seem scary at all, unlike other hospitals and emergency rooms. Our incredible staff is trained in the fine art of urgent care pediatrics, which means they know just how to calm those fears and coax those giggles out of your little patient. The whole place is designed to be kid-friendly, turning a potentially scary experience into something a bit more bearable.

Advanced Diagnostic Services

We can do a lot here! Urgent Kidz Care has all the fancy diagnostic tools for pediatric urgent care right here on-site. X-rays? Check. Lab tests? Check. Everything they need to figure out what’s going on and how to fix it, all under one roof. We’ve got just about everything we need to monitor your child’s injury (sports injury or otherwise).

Convenient Hours and Accessibility

Who has time to fit in a doctor’s visit between soccer practice and piano lessons? UKC get it. With our new hours, including evenings and weekends, we do our best to make it easy-peasy to get the care your child needs. We try to not disrupt your family schedule too much. Don’t forget you have the option for walk-ins or appointments, too!

Did you hear about our new hours?

In case you didn’t, we’re now open:

M-F: 9am to 8pm (closed from 12:30pm to 1:30pm)
Sat-Sun: 9am to 4pm (closed from 12:30pm to 1:30pm)

Follow-Up Care and Recommendations

After a sports injury check-up (or a check-up on any injury), you’ll walk away armed with all the info you need for at-home care. And of course you’re welcome to stop by whenever you like to make sure that injury is healing up properly. Or any time you or your kidz need pediatric urgent care. That’s what we’re here for!

So, the next time your little one takes a spill during a game or practice, remember that Urgent Kidz Care is here for you in Savannah to help, offering quick and expert professional pediatric urgent care in a kid-friendly environment. Because we know when it comes to your child’s health, you want the best, and you want it fast!

Take care and stay safe, parents! And remember, accidents happen, but with the right pediatric urgent care here at UKC, your kiddo will be back to their adventures in no time.

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