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The Holidays are coming! And no matter what holiday you celebrate, it’s a good time to dive into the fine art of eating in moderation with your kidz. No time during the year is harder on people who enjoy food. Do you enjoy food? I enjoy food. I think I speak for all of UKC when I say that, from time to time, we all like to eat.

Eating in moderation is never harder than it is in the coming months. But it is always important. And it’s important for your kids to understand eating in moderation.

Now, moderation might sound like a big, fancy word, but for our pint-sized pals, it’s all about balance. Picture a seesaw—you want both sides to be just right, not too much on one end, not too much on the other. A good diet and eating in moderation make the secret sauce for keeping our bodies happy and healthy. So, why is this moderation magic important? Well, it’s the key to unlocking the door to overall well-being.

These days, good food is more plentiful and cheaper than it almost ever has been. As such, it’s extremely easy to eat too much. Especially when the food is so good! We have to be role models for our kidz, and that can be quite difficult when there are so many yummy treats around. A good diet is important, too.

We want to help you be healthy. We want your kids to have a positive, healthy relationship with food. And you, too! How can we teach our kidz to enjoy a good diet and eat in moderation?


Let’s go through it.

First of all, what is eating in moderation? Well let us get this out of the way: it is definitely not starving. Moderation is just that – not eating too much, but definitely not eating too little. Growing kids gotta grow! And they can only do that when they’re getting all the nutrition of a good diet that they absolutely need.

And then here’s the other side: When talking about a good diet, eating in moderation is not never eating treats. Treats sometimes, in moderation, are okay! But a good diet paired with eating in moderation is understanding that you need your nutrition needs met. And unfortunately, that means probably not eating all of the treats all of the time.

So what can we do?

Get Your Kids to Help with the Cooking

Let’s make your kitchen the heart of healthy habits. First off, let’s talk portions. Think of it like Goldilocks—just the right amount. Show your little ones that good things come in small, perfectly sized packages. Whip up balanced meals and snacks, and here’s the secret sauce: let them in on the kitchen magic! Get them to help you with the cooking. But think of it this way, you’re not just the chef; you’re the guide to a culinary adventure. So, be the captain of this flavorful ship, and let your healthy choices become their favorite dance moves. And help them decide how much is enough and how much is too much.

Remember, it’s okay for this to be a process. They may not get it right the first time. If the portions are a little too small, nobody will starve. You have your next meal already lined up. If the portions are too big, they get to learn about saving leftovers. And making space for other things.

Other Activities for Kidz that Promote Eating in Moderation and Good Diet

Let’s make learning about moderation a hoot! Play portion size games with different kinds of foods. Explore the wonders of MyPlate with your kidz so they learn what a healthy, correctly sized plate looks like for them and for you. Picture this: cooking together, laughter echoing through the kitchen, and a dash of storytelling to sprinkle in the importance of moderation. Learning has never been this tasty!

Limit Snacking Before Important Meals

We all know that sugary foods and drinks can feel very filling when in fact they’re just adding calories. A little bit to keep the cranky away is never a bad thing, but too much and the little ones won’t want to eat food that helps their bodies grow big and strong. Being mindful about snack portions and nutrition, and teaching mindfulness to your kidz about these things are an important step to a good diet and healthy eating in moderation.

Challenges with Kidz and Eating

Now, we know parenting comes with its challenges—cue the picky eaters and peer pressure. Fear not, my friends! We’re equipped to navigate these hurdles. Encourage communication about hunger and fullness – that should help both you and them. And remember, you’re the captain steering the ship through the sea of challenges. Role model healthy eating with a good diet and moderate portions, and your kidz will watch and learn from you!

Celebrate Success When it Comes

Parents, you have to remember, you’re the one helping your kidz play the long game here. For the win. And now, with patience and perseverance paying off, let’s celebrate those victories! Our kidz love positive reinforcement. Praise those healthy choices and portion sizes. High five them when they know they should stop eating. Help them cultivate a positive vibe around food so it can always be something you enjoy together!

And lastly, remind your little ones that eating in moderation is about savoring the delicious diversity life serves up on the dinner table and in the lunch pail.

So there you have it, folks. Teaching our kidz the ABCs of eating in moderation sets them on a path to a lifetime of enjoying food without missing a beat. Let’s make our relationship with food a good one, a positive one. Embrace the journey with your kidz and remember, you’re not just raising eaters; you’re nurturing little foodies with a taste for a balanced, joyous life.

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