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We’re back. We’d like to talk to you about the blessing that is older people in kidz’ lives.


If your kidz are lucky enough to have grandparents, they have a fantastic learning opportunity. And if they are not lucky enough or don’t, it’s so important for development you might see if you can help your kids meet some older people. Putting little kids and older people together is so valuable – for everyone!


Little Kidz and Elderly

Teaching little kids about the fragility of life and older people is a great way to teach them sensitivity, improve their listening skills, and patience.

And of course you know the benefit of older folks getting to spend time with kids. When our parents spend time with their grandchildren, we often see their eyes light up! That is, when the little kid has been brought up well, listens and is able to learn from the experience. When all that happens, wisdom is imparted upon your children. And that is so valuable.


Teaching Kidz Sensitivity

When we get kids and older people together for the first time, they need to understand that sometimes these older people are not as strong, and that sudden shakes or pulls on their bodies could seriously injure them. It’s a great reminder that all people are different people and older people need special care.


Teaching Kidz Volume Control

Sometimes kids are confused about the volume level that’s okay with older people. Little kidz wonder, should I speak louder or softer? And this interaction can be frustrating for both kids and older people. Teach your children patience and care and listening and understanding visual cues to make sure the relationship stays positive on both sides.


Teaching Kids to Listen Carefully

Sometimes older folks speak more calmly and quietly – sometimes because they have to and sometimes because they want to. These differences are important for little kids to understand as they learn to communicate. And when the communication happens, this is where the gold is. As we all know, the elderly can be brilliant, imparting wisdom concisely and carefully.


Teaching Kids Patience

Sometimes older people need breaks. Sometimes they can’t bend that way. Sometimes they need help. Help them pick up what they dropped. Sometimes they have medical conditions. Remind kids that they’ll grow up to be old, too, hopefully someday, and that empathy now will help them grow smarter – to be better people. When you’re lucky enough to have kids and older people together, it’s a good time to teach kids that empathy helps everyone work together and do more.


Bigger Kids and Older People

As your children get older, the lessons they can learn from the elderly around them can get more sophisticated, too.


Teaching Your Kids Change

Your kidz will start to notice that people look a little different, or that they’re not as spry as they used to be. Try to share vintage pictures and videos of the older people they meet so they can see how people have changed through the years. It will help your kids understand the aging process.

At some point, your kids are going to lose the older people in their lives. This can be a tough time for you, too. So now is a great time to explain this difficult change so they can try to be ready for it. And also, remember that all people handle loss differently. Your kidz will likely be impacted in a different way than you are – and that’s okay.


Kids and Older People: Older Folks Teaching Your Kidz History

When kidz get older, this is also the time they may start getting interested in family history. You can, or the older people in your life can teach your children what they did during life. They can explain what they did to provide value and care for the people around them. They can hear stories about how people changed through life and how work and understanding helped them get further.

If you and the older people in your kids’ lives haven’t thought about it yet, now is a good time to figure out how to honestly explain parts of life that don’t make sense. Getting kids and older people together can be so valuable when you think it through. What lessons can you impart without hiding or lying? You have to be honest with your kids to help them grow up to be good people and to know how to do the right thing.

And don’t forget the older people in your kidz’ lives have probably handled kids before! It may have been a minute, but they’re not new to this. They’ll know what to do.

So there you have it! When not handled carefully, having kidz around older people can be a disaster. But with care, having older people around kids can be a goldmine of experience, wisdom, and understanding. And it can help your kids’ behavior, too! So as the holidays approach, don’t be afraid – be prepared. Your kidz will be better for it.

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