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Mon- Fri 9a-8p (closed 1230-130p)
Sat- Sun 9a-4p (closed 1230-130p)

Infections can affect the whole household

UKC can get you back to normalcy

Infections, Coughs, Fevers, Bugs,
and Viral Infections

UKC will get you back on track

Coughs, Fevers, Severe Colds, Strep Throat, Mono, UTIs, Flu Bugs, Vomiting, Bronchiolitis, Diarrhea, Dehydration treated at Urgent Kidz Care in Savannah Georgia

Urgent Kidz Care’s Pediatricians have worked with parents and kids through every kind of infection and bug. Bring your child in to us so we can tell you if you need to be worried or not. If that cough needs more than the OTC option, bring them in. If that fever keeps getting higher and it’s making you nervous, bring them in. If that wound just isn’t healing right and you’re just not sure, that’s exactly what we’re here for. We look at and treat all kinds of infections in the kids of Savannah.

Infections, for example:

If you’re not sure what kind of bug it is, bring your kid in and we’ll get them on the track to being better. We see bronchiolitis, coughs, colds, sore throats and fevers – sometimes caused by strep throat –  all the time. Bring your child to us and get some peace of mind. If your infant is less than two months old and running a fever, please take them straight to the emergency room. And we’ve handled vomiting. It can be scary. We’re here to help. As we treat student athletes regularly, we see swimmer’s ear and ear infections regularly, too.


We see headaches, and bug bites, pinkeye and ticks often. Kids want to be outside when the weather is nice, and we don’t want anything to stop them! We’ll help you get that tick out the whole way – you do not want to mess with that. We see kids with urinary tract infections (UTIs) and pinkeye fairly regularly. If they have a funny skin condition that you don’t recognize, we’ll identify, diagnose, and remedy all that as quickly as possible. We see eczema in kids pretty regularly, so we know what to look for and how to help. 


Chicken pox is an extremely contagious skin condition, so you want to know what to do if and when it happens. Don’t worry, we got you. Mononucleosis is really common in young adults. If you got mono, don’t worry, we got you.


We want you to stop worrying and to get your kid on the road to recovery.

If you’re a student athlete you probably already know us. But if you don’t, come in and get to know one of our specialist pediatricians so we understand the injuries you’re dealing with. We want your whole history, too: the injuries you’ve had in the past and the physical therapy you’ve worked through to get your body back to where it is. That way, when something happens we’ll know how to get you back on the field, court or rink as fast – and as safe – as possible. 

Kids' allergies, insect bites, bee stings - all treated by Urgent Kidz Care in Savannah Georgia

We treat America’s next great bakers, too! If you’re a young chef and you burn yourself (or injure yourself otherwise in the kitchen), come in and we’ll check you out. We’ll advise you how to handle injuries so you know how to handle it on your own or when you really need to come see us. We’ve seen all sorts of burns. We’ve seen all sorts of cuts. If they’re mild or not that deep, you probably don’t need us. You do need the right kind of first aid to make sure the problem doesn’t get worse. But when that burn is more than first degree, or that is kinda deep, we’d better have a look.

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